The in1touch platform is owned and maintained by OlaTech Corporation, a privately held corporation founded in 2000 in Winnipeg, Canada. From the beginning our goal has been to easily and efficiently solve the data management needs of member driven organizations around the world. We are well on the way to making a major impact in this regard because of one central fact - throughout the client/provider lifecycle - all of the development, maintenance, and any other services are provided to you by the solution's owner/operators, and our other in-house staff who helped to build the solution. This gives us the ability to both promptly and creatively respond to your proposals and to provide on-going, dependable and personalized support and service.

Our in-house management groups are led by:


Stephen Challis

Project Management
Anton Abiiaka

System Implementation
Lucy Camara

System Analysis
Marlene Baptiste

Graphic Design
Jane Reyes

Website Development
Anastasia Maksimova

Client Support
Kevin Tcheon

Social Media and Marketing
Christopher DaCosta

in1touch is a better way.