in1touch RE
Your organization has a mandate to license
your members and maintain their professional
standards in the public interest
Most Current, Full Version, All the Time
in1touchRE is unique in the market: it supports the full range of your requirements, within a single solution. It comes pre-configured to support the functional needs of a typical licensing, certifying, or accrediting body. It can also play a vital role supporting your processes related to standards, discipline, inspections, testing and continuing competency. Plus, unlike many other similar regulatory softwares, with in1touchRE you get a fully integrated website/portal management tool. (CMS)

Behind your solution is the whole in1touch Platform as a Service (PaaS), but only the portions relevant to your needs and preferences are accessible. This "product on a platform" approach gets you the product you need at a cost you can afford. in1touch RE will not become limiting, or inefficient over time: as your mandate evolves, one or more of the other parts of the powerful in1touch platform can quickly and easily be made available to you.

Avoid having to do time-consuming shopping and re-tooling. The always up-to-date, underlying in1touch platform is there if and when you need it.

This edition - it functional features and user experience - and our team - a dedicated team of project managers, business analysts, and support technicians - understand regulatory bodies.
in1touchRE key Features

Licence Management

Handle multiple complex types

  • Staff review on initial application, turn it on or off
  • Candidates self-register and renew licenses online
  • Create, update and search profiles anytime, anywhere
  • Complete control of data visibility by staff
  • Generate custom labels and license cards
  • Allow Candidates and Licensees to view, print and pay invoices at any time
  • Auto generate invoices and email invoice reminders
  • Configure sharing groups (e.g. board, sub-committees, other)
  • Setup auto emails, notify of important news, events etc.
  • Locate and analyze data via Google Maps
  • Create roster or directory. Have unlimited number of rosters for different purpose
  • Make your rosters public or private. Or have different rosters for public and private

Member Roster

Create one or many searchable public or private online member directories

  • Search individuals, organizations, credentials and or any other multiple fields.
  • View results in columns, or change the parameters to suit your preferences.
  • Locate and analyze members via online mapping
  • Allow members to self-manage roster textual and image content

Document Management

Share your Documents with Members and Public

  • Maintain your own library of documents, images, videos etc.
  • Create categories and folders
  • Make documents public or private to all members, or a specific group
  • Organize your documents into folders
  • Search documents by keywords or description
  • Let members upload and update documents if needed.

Self Assessment and Standardized Tests

Gaining valuable insights about and for your members by using Online Tests

  • Easily create simple or complex tests
  • Setup an unlimited number of questions by category
  • Score and weight each question and category
  • Setup test to randomly pick questions from the database
  • Setup time limits for answers on each question and/or the whole test
  • Configure pass, fail and score pages
  • Each test becomes a new template
  • Make test public or private to all members, or a specific group
  • Export results into Excel or run customized reports

Continuing Education & Professional Development

Efficiently manage continuing competency programs

  • Setup continuing education or professional development database based on your needs.
  • Allow Licensees to update and track their CEU/PDU's online
  • Award CEU/PDU's to Licensees automatically based on the event attendance.
  • Notify Licensees about outstanding CEU/PDU credits
  • Email/Print certificates to Licensees on successful program completion
  • Retain CEU/PDU history for transcript requests, inquiry, and analysis

Surveys, Voting and Elections

Open a targeted niche and generate new information or revenue for your organization

  • Easily create simple or complex surveys
  • Pose an unlimited number of questions, or just a few
  • Organize and segment questions into pages
  • Setup rules between questions and answers
  • Ask questions based on answers
  • Ask Candidates and Licensees to upload files and photos when wanted
  • Each survey becomes a new template
  • Make a survey public or private to all members, or a specific group
  • Export results into Excel

Federal, Provincial and State Integrations, CIHI

Interface and automatically report to oversight agencies

  • Choose from XML, ASCII, or CSV connectors
  • Easily modify parameters as requirements change
  • Trigger uploads to one or more systems
  • Uses industry standard architecture

International Applicants

Receive and fairly assess applicants from outside your jurisdiction

  • Set up a distinct membership category, such as non-domestic applicant
  • Receive, track, assess, and report on applications received
  • Collect relational data to follow applicants post application/registration

Committee Management

Create, trade, and administer all your committees for better collaboration and communication.

  • Easily assign Licensees to committees and sub-committees
  • Define security permissions based on committee membership and resource type
  • Setup and track committee forums, blogs, and wikis
  • Post and control committee only events and libraries
  • Create committee only hard items: labels, codes, badges
  • Notify and publish new meetings, minutes, budgets, and project items

Email Communications

Easily Communicate with in1touch.

  • Send out personalized emails and mail merge
  • Load prospect lists, send marketing materials
  • Create templates with WYSIWYG Editor
  • Upload all file types and send as links
  • Set up scheduled emails
  • Send emails by groups or categories
  • Copy email templates and create new ones
  • Receive and analyze delivery and opening rates

Complaints and Hearings

Allow for online complaint submission and the related case management

  • Create online forms for easy public access
  • Link interaction logs and related case files to occurrences, licensees, and documents
  • Flag records and trigger reminder notices
  • Electronically post case updates privately or publicly

Inspection Management

Support both your on and off-site inspections and audits

  • Securely and remotely view past inspections and audit
  • Generate a report locations visited and or to be visited
  • Create standardized forms with electronic signatures and decisions included
  • Fully integrate and report with other member data
  • Allow inspectors to submit invoices online

Accounting Integration

Automate and extend your accounting processes

  • Manage billings, payments, and refunds for all financial transactions recorded in the system.
  • Account for multiple transactions on a single invoice; or single payments to multiple invoices;
  • Extensive search and granular control on access to search for all items
  • Integration with all leading accounting packages

Online Payments

Secure financial transactions with in1touch

  • in1touch operates on a PCI Certified Network and as a PCI Compliant Platform
  • Secure online payment processing is integrated into the platform for anytime, anywhere use
  • Easily connect the platform to your payment gateway
  • Information passes between the payer and the payment processor, no middle man
  • Control and offer early bird discounts or promotional coupons

Event Management

Automate Event Management with in1touch

  • Manage any event from a simple luncheon to a complex trade show
  • Configure custom pricing and setup rules
  • Show locations on Google Maps
  • Customize the look and feel for each event
  • Automatically post events to your website
  • Post events to a Google calendar, Twitter, Blog or Facebook
  • Easily search, view, print and pay registrations
  • Create and print badges, labels, lists, etc
  • Send email notifications and auto reminders to registrants

Dynamic Reports and Customizable Dashboards

Create system-wide views and reports you need for a variety user types and viewing preferences

  • Capture and track from a single database, and or pull data from third-party apps
  • Show real-time results on charts, graphs, maps and or list views.
  • Display elements on user specific dashboards, such as executive, department, committee, or chapter

Jurisprudence Exams

Create Jurisprudence Exam is an entry-to-practice requirement for registration or to test registrant knowledge and understanding of the laws, regulations, College by-laws.

  • Easily create Exam questions
  • Configure exams with rules
  • Lock exam content from copying
  • Score and weight each question and category
  • Setup time limits for answers on each question and/or the whole Exam

Professional Practice Review, Member Inspections

Improve Compliance of your Members with your By-laws

  • Design custom self-assessment forms
  • Schedule in-person visits
  • Audit member responses
  • Setup evaluation forms

Content Management System (CMS)

Full-featured Content Management System to manage your Websites and Member Portals

  • Load, Edit and Manage content
  • Setup public and private content
  • Multiple websites
  • Pages, Tags, Banners, Image Gallery, News feeds, Events, Forums, Chat


Advanced API allows you to integrate and extend the use of the in1touch platform.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

With in1touch platform, you can do even more. Develop and configure your own Features, Systems, and SaaS.

  • Customize and reconfigure existing Features
  • Create new modules for different needs
  • Design and implement "new systems" for your members