in1touch RE
Your organization has a mandate to license
your members and maintain their professional
standards in the public interest
Most Current, Full Version, All the Time
in1touchRE is unique in the market: it supports the full range of your requirements, within a single solution. It comes pre-configured to support the functional needs of a typical licensing, certifying, or accrediting body. It can also play a vital role supporting your processes related to standards, discipline, inspections, testing and continuing competency.

You do get the single, whole in1touch platform, but only the portions relevant to your needs and preferences are accessible. This "product on a platform" approach gets you the product you need at a cost you can afford. in1touch RE will not become limiting, or inefficient over time: as your mandate evolves, one or more of the other parts of the powerful in1touch platform can quickly and easily be made available to you.

Avoid having to do time-consuming shopping and re-tooling. The always up-to-date, underlying in1touch platform is there if and when you need it.

This edition - it functional features and user experience - and our team - a dedicated team of project managers, business analysts, and support technicians - understand regulatory bodies.
in1touch RE Features