in1touch Trade
You need to promote and represent your industry
or profession in creative and compelling ways
Each day, your organization works to add value to the membership. A decision to join - and remain - as a member, usually is entirely voluntary. The member is continually looking for reasons to stay and opportunities to connect.

in1touchTD is a pre-configured version of our flexible software platform containing the specific functionality and streamlined usability expected by a trade or professional association. It has exactly the tools you need to provide to members opportunities and reasons for staying. It gives quick, attractive, online access via virtually all types of hardware and operating systems.

Using a single integrated platform in1touchTD lets your staff and the members maintain data, interact, complete the financials - with precision - and then get back to the business or profession of primary importance to them.
in1touchTD key Features

Membership Management

Handle multiple complex types

  • Peer review on initial application, turn it on or off
  • Members self-register and renew online
  • Create, update and search member profiles anytime, anywhere
  • Complete control of data visibility by staff
  • Generate custom labels and member cards
  • Allow members to view, print and pay invoices at any time
  • Auto generate invoices and email invoice reminders
  • Configure sharing membership groups (e.g. board, sub-committees, other)
  • Setup auto emails, notify members of important news, events etc.
  • Locate and analyze data via Google Maps
  • Create membership roster or directory. Have unlimited number of rosters for different purpose
  • Make your rosters public or private. Or have different rosters for public and private

Event Management

Automate Event Management with in1touch

  • Manage any event from a simple luncheon to a complex trade show
  • Configure custom pricing and setup rules
  • Show locations on Google Maps
  • Customize the look and feel for each event
  • Automatically post events to your website
  • Post events to a Google calendar, Twitter, Blog or Facebook
  • Easily search, view, print and pay registrations
  • Create and print badges, labels, lists, etc
  • Send email notifications and auto reminders to registrants

Email Communication

Easily Communicate with in1touch

  • Send out personalized emails and mail merge
  • Load prospect lists, send marketing materials
  • Create templates with WYSIWYG Editor
  • Upload all file types and send as links
  • Set up scheduled emails
  • Send emails by groups or categories
  • Copy email templates and create new ones
  • Receive and analyze delivery and opening rates

Sell Products Online

Association or the Members can sell with in1touch

  • Make a custom page for each item with the WYSIWYG Editor
  • Add images and documents to each item
  • Setup prices and rules for the items (e.g. member or guest prices)
  • Make items public or private to any specific group
  • Use the in1touch shopping cart interface

Online Payments

Secure financial transactions with in1touch

  • in1touch operates on a PCI Certified Network and as a PCI Compliant Platform
  • Secure online payment processing is integrated into the platform for anytime, anywhere use
  • Easily connect the platform to your payment gateway
  • Information passes between the payer and the payment processor, no middle man
  • Control and offer early bird discounts or promotional coupons

Career and Job Boards

Offer Valuable Services through in1touch

  • Post careers for members or offer a job board to your sponsors
  • Use the WYSIWYG Editor and make posts appealing
  • Post job openings in just one click
  • Make posts public or private to members or specific group
  • All notices are easily searchable

Advertising, Sales and Management

Open a targeted niche to advertisers and generate new revenue for your organization

  • Allow members to create, post, and purchase custom website advertising
  • Manage and display rate cards in multiple categories
  • Control ad insertion and cut-off dates
  • Track related invoicing and accounts

Surveys, Voting and Elections

Open a targeted niche and generate new information or revenue for your organization

  • Easily create simple or complex surveys
  • Pose an unlimited number of questions, or just a few
  • Organize and segment questions into pages
  • Setup rules between questions and answers
  • Ask questions based on answers
  • Ask Candidates and Licensees to upload files and photos when wanted
  • Each survey becomes a new template
  • Make a survey public or private to all members, or a specific group
  • Export results into Excel

Document Management

Share your Documents with Members and Public

  • Maintain your own library of documents, images, videos etc.
  • Create categories and folders
  • Make documents public or private to all members, or a specific group
  • Organize your documents into folders
  • Search documents by keywords or description
  • Let members upload and update documents if needed

Continuing Education & Professional Development

Efficiently manage continuing competency programs

  • Setup continuing education or professional development database based on your needs.
  • Allow Licensees to update and track their CEU/PDU's online
  • Award CEU/PDU's to Licensees automatically based on the event attendance.
  • Notify Licensees about outstanding CEU/PDU credits
  • Email/Print certificates to Licensees on successful program completion
  • Retain CEU/PDU history for transcript requests, inquiry, and analysis

Self Assessment and Standardized Tests

Gaining valuable insights about and for your members by using Online Tests

  • Easily create simple or complex tests
  • Setup an unlimited number of questions by category
  • Score and weight each question and category
  • Setup test to randomly pick questions from the database
  • Setup time limits for answers on each question and/or the whole test
  • Configure pass, fail and score pages
  • Each survey becomes a new template
  • Make test public or private to all members, or a specific group
  • Export results into Excel or run customized reports

Mentoring and Matching

Connect members with mutual or complementary interests, expertise, and attributes

  • Create a list of questions, answers, and criteria to automatically match members
  • Easily edit matching criteria and participation
  • Allow members to list, accept, deny, and remove matches
  • Allow matched members to create their own private internal community

Internal Communities

Create internal self-managed communities

  • Allow and promote internal networking by your members
  • Design and tailor landing pages and dashboards by community
  • Provide internal calendars, news, libraries, rosters, forms, surveys and tests
  • Support self-managed discussion groups and member to member messaging

Social Media

Encourage involvement, facilitate interaction, help build strong communities

  • Integrate to most social media channels with a single sign-on
  • Post your events and other news directly into Twitter, Facebook, Google and Blogs
  • Create and manage groups and listservs
  • Allow members to customize and communicate with each other via message boards and wall postings

Account Integration

Automate and extend your accounting processes

  • Manage billings, payments, and refunds for all financial transactions recorded in the system.
  • Account for multiple transactions on a single invoice; or single payments to multiple invoices;
  • Extensive search and granular control on access to search for all items
  • Integration with all leading accounting packages

Content Management System (CMS)

Full-featured Content Management System to manage your Websites and Member Portals

  • Load, Edit and Manage content
  • Setup public and private content
  • Multiple websites
  • Pages, Tags, Banners, Image Gallery, News feeds, Events, Forums, Chat


Advanced API allows you to integrate and extend the use of the in1touch platform.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)

With in1touch platform, you can do even more. Develop and configure your own Features, Systems, and SaaS.

  • Customize and reconfigure existing Features
  • Create new modules for different needs
  • Design and implement "new systems" for your members