in1touchSMB CRM
You need to promote and represent your Business
in creative and compelling ways
Each day, you work to deliver exceptional products and services to your Clients.

in1touchSMB is a pre-configured version of our flexible software platform containing the specific functionality and streamlined usability expected by a Small Business Professionals. It has exactly the tools you need to manage your business. It gives quick, attractive, online access via virtually all types of hardware and operating systems.

Using a single integrated platform in1touchSMB lets your staff and the clients maintain data, interact, complete the financials - with precision - and then get back to the business or profession of primary importance to them.
in1touchSMB Features

Client Management

  • Clients online portal
  • Create, update and search client profiles anytime, anywhere
  • Complete control of data visibility by staff
  • Generate custom labels
  • Allow clients to view, print and pay invoices at any time
  • Auto generate invoices and email invoice reminders
  • Setup auto emails, notify clients of important news, promotions etc.
  • Locate and analyze data via Google Maps

Event Management

Automate Event Management with in1touch

  • Manage any event from a simple luncheon to a complex trade show
  • Configure custom pricing and setup rules
  • Show locations on Google Maps
  • Customize the look and feel for each event
  • Automatically post events to your website
  • Post events to a Google calendar, Twitter, Blog or Facebook
  • Easily search, view, print and pay registrations
  • Create and print badges, labels, lists, etc
  • Send email notifications and auto reminders to registrants

Email Communication

Easily Communicate with in1touch

  • Send out personalized emails and mail merge
  • Load prospect lists, send marketing materials
  • Create templates with WYSIWYG Editor
  • Upload all file types and send as links
  • Set up scheduled emails
  • Send emails by groups or categories
  • Copy email templates and create new ones
  • Receive and analyze delivery and opening rates

Sell Products Online

Association or the Members can sell with in1touch

  • Make a custom page for each item with the WYSIWYG Editor
  • Add images and documents to each item
  • Setup prices and rules for the items (e.g. member or guest prices)
  • Make items public or private to any specific group
  • Use the in1touch shopping cart interface

Online Payments

Secure financial transactions with in1touch

  • in1touch operates on a PCI Certified Network and as a PCI Compliant Platform
  • Secure online payment processing is integrated into the platform for anytime, anywhere use
  • Easily connect the platform to your payment gateway
  • Information passes between the payer and the payment processor, no middle man
  • Control and offer early bird discounts or promotional coupons

Career and Job Boards

Offer Valuable Services through in1touch

  • Post careers for your business or run a job board online
  • Use the WYSIWYG Editor and make posts appealing
  • Post job openings in just one click

Advertising, Sales and Management

Open a targeted niche to advertisers and generate new revenue for your organization

  • Allow members to create, post, and purchase custom website advertising
  • Manage and display rate cards in multiple categories
  • Control ad insertion and cut-off dates
  • Track related invoicing and accounts

Surveys, Voting and Elections

Open a targeted niche and generate new information or revenue for your organization

  • Easily create simple or complex surveys
  • Pose an unlimited number of questions, or just a few
  • Organize and segment questions into pages
  • Setup rules between questions and answers
  • Ask questions based on answers
  • Ask Candidates and Licensees to upload files and photos when wanted
  • Each survey becomes a new template
  • Make a survey public or private to all members, or a specific group
  • Export results into Excel

Document Management

Share your Documents with Members and Public

  • Maintain your own library of documents, images, videos etc.
  • Create categories and folders
  • Make documents public or private to all members, or a specific group
  • Organize your documents into folders
  • Search documents by keywords or description
  • Let members upload and update documents if needed

Social Media

Encourage involvement, facilitate interaction, help build strong communities

  • Integrate to most social media channels with a single sign-on
  • Post your events and other news directly into Twitter, Facebook, Google and Blogs
  • Create and manage groups and listservs
  • Allow members to customize and communicate with each other via message boards and wall postings

Accounting Integration

Automate and extend your accounting processes

  • Manage billings, payments, and refunds for all financial transactions recorded in the system.
  • Account for multiple transactions on a single invoice; or single payments to multiple invoices;
  • Extensive search and granular control on access to search for all items
  • Integration with all leading accounting packages

Content Management System (CMS)

Full-featured Content Management System to manage your Websites and Member Portals

  • Load, Edit and Manage content
  • Setup public and private content
  • Multiple websites
  • Pages, Tags, Banners, Image Gallery, News feeds, Events, Forums, Chat